Welcome to Montenegro

Day 1

Arrival to Tivat Airport. Transfer to hotel to check-in. Visit complex of Porto Montenegro and sightseeing Tivat.

Day 2

Visiting Budva, Old town Budva, Kotor and Bay Tivat.

Day 3

Day 3 is planned for traveling to north of Montenegro. Before that, visiting Sveti Stefan and National Park Skadar Lake. Taking photographs in Canyon Moraca. Transport to hotel to check-in.

Day 4

Arrival in Plav and visit Plav Lake, then Gusinje and AliPashas Sources. 

Day 5

Departure to visit Zabljak. Visiting National Park Biogradska gora and lake. Arrival at Djurdjevica Tara bridge. Telefreak and Zip line near the bridge. Visiting Black Lake and Durmitor.

Day 6

Check-out from hotel. Trip to Podgorica. Transport to hotel to check-in. Free time for shopping and free activities.

Day 7

Visiting River Cijevna and Niagara Falls in Podgorica.

Day 8

Back to Airport Tivat.