1.The people

Anyone you approach will be friendly and happy to speak to you. English is surprisingly widely spoken, and the Iraqis will jump at the chance to practice. We can’t even begin to list all the individual acts of kindness from strangers which you will experience during your Iraqi travels.

Everyone will want to know why you are there and what you think of the country. The people of Iraq are proud and they represent their country well with the way the welcome outsiders. While you travel Iraq, have dinner with a local and try to pay; see what happens!

2.The price of Iraq travel will shock you (in a good way)

You may ask yourself “how much does it cost to travel to Iraq?”. The answer: not a whole hell of a lot! When We travelled to Iraq We used an even exchange rate of 1000 Dinar equals 1 Dollar, to keep it simple. For exact exchange rates check out

Food is the biggest bargain. You will often be offered free food as you walk through the streets. This will happen to you when you will check out some Iraqi street food and end up having a very strange experience.

When you do have to pay for a meal you can expect the bill to be under 2000 Dinar, and the food is delicious. Surprisingly, alcohol (if you can find it), is also remarkably inexpensive. The markets are cheap for items ranging from sneakers to gold watches. You don’t even need to bargain as the people are honest and are not looking to rip you off. But it never hurts to try and shave a few Dinar off the asking price! Travelling in Iraq will not leave you broke by any means. But remember there are no ATM’s, so bring cash!

3. Do volunteer work

One good reason to visit Iraq is to do voluntary works. There are many organizations that are working to improve the lives of people in Iraq. You can get involved with them and do some volunteer works. You can give gifts to the refugee children, teach them or give them food for few days. It can be a truly rewarding experience.

4.Iraq has some very interesting cities to explore

People have inhabited this region for thousands of years, and have left behind proof of this with old buildings and the like. Beyond the history aspect, the cities are fantastic just wander around in. When you travel in Iraq, don’t just focus on what you are told to see by a guide book. Get out into the city and just cruise. Walk through the mazes of markets, the narrow old streets, all the while saying to yourself “wow, We am actually walking around the streets of Iraq!”

5.Price of things

Things in Iraq are very cheap. So, you are planning a trip on a budget, Iraq is the best place to be. The food here is very delicious and very cheap. You can bargain on the things you buy. The people of Iraq are very honest, so you won’t need to bargain that much. They won’t overcharge you. The travel is cheap too. You must remember that you will hardly find any ATM booth in Iraq. So, make sure you bring cash along with you.