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We would like to introduce our company JM GROUP, founded in 1989 whose registered office is based in London. We remain steadfast in our belief that credibility is vital .It goes beyond doubt that our strategy will properly delivered on the ground, and we act in compliance with the highest standards of quality, transparency, collaboration profit-making and entrepreneurship. We have started business since 2016 in Azerbaijan in areas covering tourism, transportation, medical and educational services and investments with branches in UK, France, Belgium, UAE, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq. JM was established with a proven track record of success, popularity and excellence, with a strong focus on attaining the customer satisfaction to the core.

We care about ensuring quality and services delivered to our customer base, and the key to achieving customer happiness is to offer a full package of products at affordable prices. We have a pool of highly qualified staff, imbued with innovative ideas to maintain ongoing communication with you, and provide with information about tourism in Azerbaijan.

Do not hesitate to contact us in order to find out more about any business requirements and the relevant enquiries.We would like to offer our services to your Company .Our liaison officer will contact you at your earliest convenience to discuss this further, and to answer any questions you may have with regard with the matter. We are looking forward to building a reliable and constant relationship and crowning a series of Successes for our reciprocal projects.

Our Capabilities

  • Business Strategy
  • Reliability
  • Most Qualified
  • Working with Abroad

JM Investment:

JM Investment a UK joint stock company, duly organized and incorporated in mid 2008, wholly owned by Arab investors. As set out by its memorandum of association, the main purpose of Investors JM is as follows: -Investing funds with a core focus on maximizing resources and capitalizing on economically feasible and viable investment projects, perfectly aligned with proper trade practices in sectors covering agriculture, industry, transport and services as a key enabler of economic growth. JM Investment has all guarantees & privileges laid down by the applicable Investment Laws in the contributing countries, including the free movement of capital and undertaking not to carry out acts of nationalization or confiscation affecting the assets.

JM Investment carries on its business in two key areas:

  • Investing in economically feasible projects in sectors of agriculture, industry, and services in the Arab Countries.
  • Offering a package of banking and financial services for the benefit of public and private sector enterprises inside the Arab world or abroad.

Tourism services:

It is an affiliate of the UK-based JM Group, incorporated to offer a full range of tourist and travel services while maintaining optimal standards of quality in terms of price, and service delivered, based on a single principle as a catalyst for action in all our businesses. We see ourselves as a customer-oriented supplier of solutions, acting with a high degree of responsibility to lives up to the expectations and answer the concerns of our customer-base as well as provide ongoing support for our customers. We leave no stone unturned in our endeavors to further enhance our services and set higher standards for quality in practical terms. Our Philosophy: It is our goal to create a great guest experience by making each customer happy and making them enjoy with great pleasure a dream holiday. The Company has 13 subsidiaries, including 4 business lines in the Caucasus only with which it is affiliated within the framework of common management in the main branch, based in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan.

Branches located in the Caucasus spread across several countries such as Georgia (Tbilisi), Belarus, and Ukraine. These subsidiaries are directly controlled by one management, whereas the other subsidiaries are being deployed across the Balkans, Eastern and Western Europe,

active in several business areas including the delivery of a wide range of services and tourism programs aimed at meeting the needs and desires of customers such as:

  • Summer and mid year holiday trips
  • Limo & Car Rentals
  • Bookings of Hotels, resorts and vessels
  • Holding exhibitions, conferences and wedding receptions
  • Honeymoon holidays
  • Daily flights
  • The Company offers special prices for companies, groups and students. We can receive and process special requests through several local transport from companies and groups whether there are daily or long trips.
  • Flight ticket reservation at all airlines
  • Train ticket booking inside the Caucasus through several local transport providers.

JM Transport:

JM Transport for Passenger Transport and Car Rentals Services offers today a full range of first-class services built on years of hard work and dedication to upgrade significantly the delivered quality of service. Today the hallmark of our services is that we seek to offer convenience, maintain safety and provide first-class new offers to our customers in terms of price and service delivered. Our JM Transport offers you a full range of comfortable modes of safe and secure transport. We have set some numbers for speed limits on external roads and GPS devices to track and monitor of wheel motion on track. You can book online nowadays your trip with us or through our agent at home, and we can offer car rentals service at an affordable price with less insurance fee.

  • Passenger transport services inclusive of all kinds of Sedan high-quality, comfortable and newly manufactured vehicles, and mini-buses with several features such as comprehensive insurance for all means of transport
  • Car rentals services of all kinds and models of fuel efficient motor vehicles, VIPs, and mini-buses
  • Lease services for yachts and watercraft

JM Medical:

Healthcare service management is marked by a high level of expertise and reliability in a manner that all stakeholders in the healthcare industry will be able to avail themselves of all these perks from patients to healthcare providers and insurers as offered by JM Medical & the insured lies at the core of our business model.

In partnership with insurers, combined with the selection, follow-up, and support for clinics and medical practitioners, JM Medical strives to ensure that patients attain increased levels of service excellence and maintain an optimal quality of healthcare based on accurate knowledge of the state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology by following clear, solution-oriented and proven methodology.

We are more effectively engaged and supported to achieve better outcomes in the healthcare industry, with a focus on cost-effective and efficient delivery of of services to achieve ongoing higher levels of customer satisfaction.

At the same time, acting as Healthcare service management provider is instrumental in maintaining an integrated continuum of the healthcare systems in the future.

With over 20 years of experience on the market together with a pool of knowledge ,resources, support ,and stability achieved by one of the major insurance companies across the globe, JM Medical is ideally well-positioned to help insurers overcome the upcoming challenges in the healthcare sector. JM Medical is a member of Munich Health care brand of Munich Reinsurance Company (Munich Re).

JM Education:

JM Education is a center for student services .Many students are willing to pursue their studies abroad but how do they embark on their journey for research, and apply for enrollment.

Basically, the questions that you may ask are as follow:

Which country best suits me? Which country has the best study opportunities for me? Which university gives me the best value for money? Where can I stay while studying abroad? What programs or majors will help me better in my future? How much does it cost? How much does it cost to live and study? What is the minimum requirement for study abroad? How do I apply for a student visa?

We are sure that you have further questions

JM Educational is here to help you answer all these questions and as a service center the company helps you to get the best information, processes and procedures which you need to study in the Caucasus and Europe.

Our Educational Services:

  • University partnerships
  • University, study and program information
  • Country-specific information
  • Apply for study
  • Supplementary Programs
  • Submit a student visa application
  • Assistance in the provision of Legal services
  • Flight tickets
  • Hotel reservations
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Car rental services
  • Vacations for students

JM Sport Tour

Sport investment services are offered in a full range of areas including players ‘agencies .JM Sport Touris an agent acting on behalf of a significant number of excellent and highly skilled players and professionals in several countries of the Caucus , the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the GCC Countries and the Arab Countries.

It offers the service to organize sports camps across the globe for the benefit of all teams at all sports of all age groups and first division teams as well as provide a full package of sports items such as sports footwear and apparel brand and various sports equipment for all types of games.

JM Sport as a sport service seeks to upgrade the marketing services of the players. It has the task of shifting from individual work and personal diligence to marketing and providing suitable opportunities. For professionalism both for local players or professionals in the clubs of Europe, Gulf, and Arab countries work according to an integrated working group that cares about all the players.

Sports Camps:

  • Provide the appropriate offer to the contracting parties "player club".
  • Submit a full report about the player powered by modern videos.
  • Follow the players' journey with the club and update their profile periodically.
  • Provide solutions in the event of a dispute between the player and the club. We are delighted to help you make the right offer in the entire world's clubs.
  • JM Sport service is ready to provide the right sports camp for your team at all sports, of all age groups and first division teams in Europe, GCC Countries, and the Arab Countries together with the best hotels for accommodation and high training grounds while holding pilot football matches at all levels of the game.

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