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Legal translation service

The JM Group provides professional translation services by offering a wide range of linguistic services that include official, legal, academic and political translation, game translation and localization, as well as auditing, revision and reformulation services. Professionalism also provides certification services for legal and official documents after their translation. The translator is appointed after passing the translation level test that was prepared by our company and in cooperation with our distinguished team of translators and proofreaders.

The office specialized in professional translation services also provides various options to clients when submitting the translation request, which include a fast and expedited translation service in addition to options for the level of experience of a professional translator for professional translation services and the ability to ship translated documents to the postal address. Of the customer. A very sophisticated system has been adopted by the Professional Translation Services Company to facilitate the process of submitting the translation request in addition to facilitating the translation process itself, especially for banking and economic translation services, for example when the client requests a sworn professional translation service, this system calculates the price of professional translation services. Then, hire a professional translator for professional translation services who has the appropriate skills for this request.

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