VIP Services for passengers

The JM Group provides important services to business and VIPs in the countries where the JM Group is located:

Diplomatic services

The JM Group oversees all diplomatic services for important personalities in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey and European countries.

Special reception services from aircraft

The JM Group sends a special crew to welcome businessmen and VIPs from the airport.

Private jet charter services

The British company JM Group has private jets leased to businessmen and diplomatic figures

Helicopter Tours

The British JM Group of Companies is conducting private aircraft tours in all countries where the Group is located.

Arranging luxury wedding parties

Wedding is the most important period in a person's life and plays a key role in the life of the couple. This is why JM is very proud to arrange all wedding supplies.

Arranging luxury honeymoon trips

Every bride dreams of spending the most beautiful days with her partner, especially during the honeymoon. This month is considered the first day that the couple spend time with each other and enter the marriage cage to establish a happy and cohesive family. So it's a nice start to a lifelong relationship. JM is therefore very pleased to serve you in this area.

Translation with the sworn interpreter for business meetings

During meetings there is always a communication problem between business people, so JM provides the best translators for you.